• Contact_uk

    You have just clicked the button “order”.

    I ask you to be willing to indicate to me via the form of contact:

    Your complete address and e-mail,

    • The name of the article which interests you, with or without leash,
    • The method of dispatch which you chose,
    • Your discount code, where necessary,

    The payment is with PayPal, only.

    Further to the reception of your e-mail, I create a PayPal page with a link.

    Upon receipt of your payment (seen on my bank account of the received sum) I send you your order either in followed letter.

    You have 20 days upon receipt of your order to retract. If you the summit, I would pay off you from reception of the unwanted product, by refund PayPal according.

    It is obvious that if the product is damaged in any way, I would refuse the refund, the product becoming unsaleable.

    Thank you for your purchase and for your understanding in the reading of this.

    Excuse me for my so bad english.